Art lovers and enthusiasts can avail of the reproductions of the choicest paintings from the series "Woman, Water, Mirror" presented in the form of an excellent hardbound book entitled
A Look Beyond Woman, Water, Mirror.

This series of paintings is the expression of an 8-year long research by the artist Feeroozeh Golmohammadi into the symbolic language of the universe in which woman represents the passive pole, water represents pure knowledge, and mirror represents the polished heart of the perfect being. The book has been published by Nazar Cultural Co. and besides comprising an interesting introduction by the artist, the book also contains 38 glossy reproductions of her paintings in full color, using a range of mediums from watercolor to pencil, acrylic, ink, and gouache.

This book of 64 pages (34cm x 24 cm) is available for $19.99 + postal charges. You can place your orders at