1. Exhibition of Paintings, Tehran, Iran, 2001
2. Exhibition of Paintings, New Delhi, India, 2001
3. Exhibition of Illustrations, Tehran, Iran, 2000
4. Exhibition of Paintings & Illustrations, OPEC Foundation, Vienna, 1999
5. Exhibition of Paintings, U.N., Vienna, 1999
6. Exhibition of Illustrations, Tokyo, Japan, 1999
7. Exhibition of Paintings, New Delhi, India, 1999
8. Exhibition of Paintings & Illustrations, University of Columbia, NY, 1998
9. Exhibition of Paintings, U.N., NY, 1998
10. Exhibition of Illustrations, Japan, 1997
11. The Fifth Biennial of Iranian Graphic Designers, Tehran, Iran
12. Exhibition of Paintings, Lalitkala Academy, New Delhi, India
13. Exhibition of Paintings, Tehran, Iran, 1996
14. Exhibition of Paintings, Cannes, France, 1995
15. Exhibition of Illustrations, Rome, Italy
16. Exhibition of Paintings & Illustrations, Sofia, Bulgaria
17. Exhibition of Paintings & Illustrations, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1994
18. The Fourth Biennial of Iranian Graphic Designers, Tehran, Iran
19. Exhibition of Illustrations, Køln, Germany
20. Exhibition of Illustrations, London, United Kingdom
21. Exhibition of Illustrations, Seoul, South Korea
22. Exhibition of Illustrations, Bratislava, Slovakia
23. Exhibition of Illustrations, Tokyo, Japan
Noma Concourse, Children's Books Illustration, Tokyo, Japan, 1991, UNICEF, Tehran
25. Exhibition of Illustrations, California, USA
26. Exhibition of Illustrations, Tehran, Iran
27. Exhibition of Paintings, New Delhi, India, 1990
28. The First Exhibition of Illustrations for Children's Books, Tehran, Iran, 1990
29. Award Illustration, Seoul, South Korea
30. Award Illustration, Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, 1988
31. Noma Concourse Children's Book Illustration, Tokyo, Japan, 1987
32. Exhibition of Paintings, Islamabad, Pakistan
33. Exhibition of Paintings, Lahore, Pakistan
34. Exhibition of Photography of Historical Building of Iran, Lahore, Pakistan
35. Exhibition of Photography, Lahore, Pakistan
36. First Art Biennial, Lahore, Pakistan
37. Exhibition of Photography, Islamabad, Pakistan, 1987

Published Books:

1. The Friend's Story (Urdu)
2. What a Mistake
3. The Magpie and the Clever One
4. Water and Moonlight
5. The Second Grade J.
6. The Blood Bathed Pigeons of the Haram (in Farsi, English, Urdu)
7. The Jackal who fell into the Paint Vat
8. Mr. Reza's Tailoring Shop
9. The Tale of the Cunning Fox
10. For How Long the Woodpecker Pecks at the Tree?
11. The Cricket and I
12. Encounter at Sea

Books in Print:

1. Stories from Shahnameh (1)
2. Stories from Shahnameh (2)
3. The Alchemist of the Lasting Fortune
4. The Language of Birds
5. The Chameleon
6. An Elephant in a Dark Room
7. Solomon and the Hoopoe
8. A Look Beyond Woman, Water, Mirror